Campaigns have made the world a better place – more just, healthier and safer. Whether you are campaigning against climate change on a global scale or for better public services in your county you need to persuade and mobilize supporters. Many of them. And to do so you need to tell your story. With more than a decade of experience in public relations and advocacy I am here to support you in identifying your story and developing your campaign strategy – your goals, audiences, messaging and theory of change.

US President Obama owes his election victories to a new and powerful tool in the communications arsenal: online campaigning. Only online can you engage hundreds of thousands of supporters, grow your network, raise millions in small donations, organize hundreds of decentralized actions and doing all this faster than your opponent.

My partner in the Campaigning practice is Julius van de Laar, a veteran campaigner who has worked for US President Obama and leading NGOs all around the world.


Areas we work in:

– Campaign strategy development

– Storytelling

– Mobilizing

– Social media

– List building and supporter recruitment

– Email and newsletter campaigns (with A/B testing)

– Integration of on- and offline efforts

– Fundraising

– Use of powerful language and visuals

– Content development

– Micro-targeting and segmentation

– Campaign CRM systems



Some amazing Avaaz campaign events I have worked on
by Florian Eisele
by Florian Eisele
by Florian Eisele
by Florian Eisele
by Florian Eisele