What’s facilitation?

A facilitator helps you to get the best out of any meeting. Some meetings can be daunting, say you want to set your organization’s annual goals or recalibrate your theory of change. Usually you would have many people involved, probably conflicting interests and big egos… Choosing a professional facilitator – a neutral and inspiring moderator – to lead your next meeting ensures it will be efficient, productive and successful.


CIDSE crisis briefing


A facilitated meeting

  • has a clear agenda, structure and outcome
  • makes sure to include all relevant stakeholders
  • puts everyone on the same page
  • stays focused and results-driven
  • involves and engages all participants
  • uses proven techniques to inspire and get the best out of everyone
  • explores compromises and new ideas
  • deals constructively with possible issues
  • ensures everyone’s buy-in on the process and outcome

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