EU/UN lobbying

The European Union is the world’s leading donor and among its most relevant players, especially in areas such as trade, climate change and human rights. Given its plethora of institutions and intertwined supranational, comitology and inter-governmental decision making processes, influencing ‘Brussels’ can look like a daunting task. But, once achieved, decisions by Commission, Parliament and Council can be a veritable game changer for your cause.

Public Affairs in the European Union’s capital is all about understanding how the processes and institutions work and it is about knowing the right people, from the Commissioners’ cabinets to the members of the specific Parliament’s commissions to the powerful representatives of member states to the correspondents of top-tier and highly specialized media.




I have worked and lived for five years in Brussels, lobbied the institutions on behalf of my Southern civil society and INGO clients, developed advocacy campaigns, ran media relations, identified partners and allies and organized awareness raising events with multiple high-level stakeholders. These public affairs efforts have led to new global health initiatives, changed priorities and re-allocation of budgets.

Another area where I can help you is in identifying potential EU funding for your programs and projects under the multi annual EDF and DCI instruments.

As your focal point in Nairobi I will lay out the options for you and identity the right approach based on my proven track record and your needs and possibilities. Once the strategy has been developed it will be implemented in cooperation with my highly experienced EU public affairs partners in Brussels.


The United Nations's headquarters for Africa is based in Nairobi. It houses the global headquarters of UNEP and UN HABITAT as well as regional, subregional and country offices for all agencies. By lobbying the UN you influence policy and funding priorities in your field from green economy projects on the African continent to reproductive health programmes in Kenya to the HABITAT III agenda. Being familiar with the UN in Nairobi I can open for you the black box of UN decision-making, package your content and asks in a conducive way and introduce you to the right decision-makers.


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