With an increasingly skeptical audience, suffering from information overload, a clear, credible identity and authentic narrative have become even more vital to break through the chatter, gain trust and boost your impact.

Ask yourself, are you and everyone who works with you completely clear what your organization stands for? Your vision, values, purpose? And how about the audiences you seek to reach?

A brand is a collection of perceptions about an organization, formed by its every communication and action. It is what your stakeholders say, feel and think about your organization. It is your reputation, identity and aspiration.

A strong, convincing and differentiating brand lets your organization raise more funds , engage new supporters and partners, brings awareness to your cause and visibility visibility to your organization, intensifies loyalty and, last but not least, makes your team proud.

Defining your brand identity is a comprehensive process leading to the establishment of the central organizing principle behind what your organization says and does, and how your interact with your members and audiences.

Through analysis, interviews and a series of workshops we will define what you stand for – the unique and compelling big idea that sets you apart.

In the branding process we will cover six aspects (which are know as MVB or minimum viable brand):

– what you stand for (your brand essence)
– what you believe in (your defining values)
– who you seek to engage (your target audiences)
– what distinguishes you (your key differentiators)
– what you offer (your overarching experience)
– what you say and show (your logo, look, and messaging)

We will develop together your brand foundation, positioning statements, elevator pitch, taglines, a lexicon and a design platform. We will leverage proven techniques such as storytelling, value recruitment and framing for you, which will help you to campaign even more convincingly.

Once we have defined your brand, I will tackle the next two steps: getting your brand alive within your organization to make it the basis of every decision and finally, communicating it to your audiences.

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