Public relations

You are dedicated to making the world a better place. Your organization is competing for funds, supporters and the attention of media, politicians and the public.

Public relations, the art of persuasion, is there to help you achieving these goals with a suite of carefully-chosen and well-orchestrated nonprofit marketing techniques targeted at the hearts and minds of your audience.

Any successful public relations starts with a big idea, a story you want to tell. To be persuasive you need clearly defined goals and objectives, an exact understanding of your audience, a strong theory of change and unambiguous and consistent messaging. An integrated communications strategy utilizes all channels to tell your story: owned (your website, publications, email lists and social media presence), earned (pieces in traditional media or talk about you on social media), paid (ads and advertorials like special reports) and shared media. We will also leverage the power of framing. Just like Lakoff famously said: ‘whoever frames the debate tends to win the debate’. We will employ value recruitment, storytelling and content creation, which builds trusted, long-term relationships with politicians, the public and media.

by Florian Eisele


While traditional media relations isn’t the only way to get your message out anymore, TV, radio and print have kept its relevance. New, ‘tradigital’ and curated media, such as news websites, blogs, citizen journalism and aggregators, have joined the traditional players and offer new advocacy communications opportunities. What is key, as with any public relations technique, is to choose precisely the right channel for your narrowly defined audiences – or you will waste your efforts.

Make use of my extensive global media contacts and ten-year experience of successfully pitching stories to outlets from mainstream such as CNN, The Financial Times, Jeune Afrique and Mail & Guardian to the most specialized blogs. Based on your specific campaign goals we will identify the right journalists and develop a tailored media strategy complete with catchy sound bites, press kit, op-ed placement, events and a crisis-response plan.


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Your publications, including your newsletter, and your website are a crucial but often underused communications tool. Let’s work on them so they support your efforts more effectively; let’s improve the design, clarify the language and develop their content with a laser-like focus on your audiences.

The way media relations isn’t just sending out a press release, strategic social media isn’t setting up a Facebook account. Having worked with Avaaz, the 28 million people strong online campaigning community, I have experienced the power of social media to raise awareness and funds, mobilize your supporters (and there are many more potential supporters out there than you think) and create positive social change. Social media sparks conversations and people will share your content and become your best storytellers. Looking beyond reach, what does really matter is the quality of relationships – because they are people not ‘likes’. As with every tool the integration into an overall advocacy communications strategy is crucial.

Finally, no communication effort will be complete without a thorough evaluation – and I am not just talking clippings.

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