According to studies 70% of employees do not feel engaged. The main reason is poor internal communication.

Since my first internal communications job with a German ministry in 2000 employee and membership communications have been fascinating me.

First, because your external communications can only be as good as your internal, internal communications is key for any organization.

Second, to grow your impact and protect your brand your internal communications need to be consistent with what you want to communicate externally.

Third, in today’s information-driven world an organization cannot succeed with an outdated top-down management style.

Your internal audience, your team, is your most authentic voice and your biggest asset. Good internal communications builds trust, and empowers and inspires employees, which ultimately leads to a higher impact of your organization’s work.

Your team is central to your success because they are your organization’s face, your brand ambassadors, and it is them who daily execute your organizational strategy, whether you lobby governments, run development projects or raise funds. It is crucial that they understand and agree with your organization’s purpose, vision and message.

My approach, based on systemic coaching, is to ask the right questions and make the connections through observation and a series of interviews, rather than coming with a pre-defined solution.

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