Are you investing a lot of resources and effort in your communications and still your target group does not get your message, your staff under performs and your departments fail to coordinate?

A communications audit is a great tool to clarify why your communications is not delivering.

Perhaps you use the wrong tools or lack a clear definition of your mission. Perhaps your communications strategy is not properly aligned with your organizational goals or your staff does not have access to all information they need.

Depending on your specific needs the communications audit can focus on

–       external communication

–       internal communication

–       membership communication

–       processes

–       objectives

–       tools

–       resources

–       evaluation practices.

Every organization is different. They work in different environments, with different resources, under different constraints, exposed to different expectations and with different goals. Therefore, my first task is to thoroughly understand you.


Florian Eisele’s approach:

1 Set criteria and standards; benchmark; agree on Key Performance Indicators

2 Research, observe and analyze current and past communications practices; including multi-source feedback: interviews with your stakeholders, staff, leadership, members, partners, and target audience.

The output of the evaluation is an in-depth communication audit report, identifying areas for improvement and recommending applicable solutions. Providing a valuable resource for management to understand and improve the situation.

However, the desired outcome of the exercise is CHANGE. If you would like me to stay on to lead your team through the change process and communicate the change internally and externally I am more than happy to do so.

A communications evaluation, just like any audit, is a sensitive task.

Two things should be understood:

1 I am neutral (neither am I doing the leadership’s bidding, nor am I interested in a position in the communications department).

2 I am there to help, not to diss. I am not an outside threat, but a partner to your team in their journey to excellence.

To book me or to explore if an audit can help you please contact me under florian(at)