About Florian Eisele

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In a nutshell

  • As a public relations consultant and trainer I strive to make you more efficient and nimble in your communications with the public, the media, your members or your staff; be it framing the debate, defining your brand or telling your story.
  • I understand the way NGOs and IOs work and think, and the restraints they are under.
  • I am passionate about social change and global justice, and I love working with clients.
  • I offer over ten years of experience in creating and executing strategies in public relations, brand building, social media, internal communications, key influencer engagement and media relations, in the non-profit and corporate sector.
  • Since 2007 I have been working exclusively on integrated advocacy communications (IAC) for NGOs, NGO coalitions and International Organizations, such as Global Fund, CIDSE and AVAAZ.
  • I have provided results-orientated strategic counsel for advocacy campaigns in several countries; led media outreach, awareness raising and reputation management efforts and coached branding exercises.
  • I have taught public relations and political marketing as assistant professor at Mexico's leading university Tecnologico de Monterrey (ITESM) for two years and am associated with Campaigning Academy Berlin
  • I have an in-depth understanding of development, global health and climate change policies, as well as African and EU current affairs.
  • I live in Nairobi, Kenya.

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My story



I hold an M.A. in political science with focus on development and African studies from Free University of Berlin’s Otto-Suhr-Institute, Germany’s most progressive political science school. (I actually started off with two semesters of classical archeology in Heidelberg – with special interest in the Samnites – before moving to political science).

In summer 2000 I started my career as public relations consultant with Ketchum Pleon (back then called KohtesKlewes), Europe's leading communications agency, where I learned all about PR. I advised clients on strategic communications, brand development and issues management. After working at the Berlin, Germany office for two years I moved for another year to the Brussels, Belgium office. Major clients included Citibank, Bertelsmann, Wal-Mart, AOL and the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Returning to Berlin I served for three years as marketing director and partner at Braun Publishing, focusing on branding and business development in China.

When I felt I had to do more with my life than just holding down a well paying job, I left for a sabbatical, travelling India and Ethiopia and spending some time in Washington D.C. The downtime allowed me to get my priorities right and I returned to Europe as partner and head of the Brussels office of Ampersand Global (formerly AmgottMitchell), an integrated advocacy communications firm specialized in global health and the fight against poverty. The position allowed me to continue what had been my studies’ foci and work on issues I care about, mostly making a difference in the fight against poverty and injustice.

At Ampersand Global I was in charge of EU advocacy and media relations and managed efforts for a wide range of clients – Global South CSOs, INGOs and International Organizations such as the World Bank or the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria, whose lead agency we were for three consecutive years. I organized successful press conferences, media stunts and briefings in Brussels and all over Europe. Among others I led communication efforts for a joint high-level EC/UN conference, for the ‘Champions for an HIV-free Generation’ initiative by H.E. President Mogae of Botswana and the World Bank and for the CIDSE and AVAAZ climate change campaigns at the COP 14 and COP15 UN summits.

In 2009 I decided it was time for the next step and became an independent public relations consultant and trainer, which allows me to focus fully on my clients instead of my billed hours, continuing to work for global health and social change organizations, such as Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition and the UN Millennium Campaign.

In 2013 and 2014 I was honored to be invited by Mexico's leading university Tecnologico de Monterrey (ITESM) to teach public relations and political marketing. Making use of my time at this outstanding academic institution I did research on the power of language, value recruitment and behavioral studies. These insights allow me to develop for my clients science-based communications programs which are therefore more effective and efficient.

Since summer 2014 I am based out of Nairobi, Kenya.

See my CV (pdf)



Mission and causes



Since my political science studies which focused on development and Africa I have been passionate about global justice and social change. These causes and values are what drives me and what is the purpose of my work of giving a voice to the voiceless.

After a stint in the corporate world I have returned to my calling in 2007 working exclusively for Global South CSOs, INGOS, think tanks and international organizations on integrated advocacy communications (IAC).

To do my share to make all those working for the greater good better – more efficient and more effective – in the way they communicate, with their staff, their members, their supporters, their partners, the public, the media and politicians.

I strive to do a good job, be authentic and provide premier insights and advice to improve the life of people, especially those suffering from poverty, disease and injustice.

I have worked for social change in the fields of global health (HIV, TB, malaria, pneumonia, sexual and reproductive health), education, MDGs, climate change, human rights and democratization (Zimbabwe, Eritrea) and the empowerment of women and disenfranchised groups.

2.5% of the company’s profits go to medico international, Partners in Health, and local CSOs.




My approach



First, it is my aim, having worked for some of the world’s largest corporations, to bring the best of for-profit knowhow to social change and global health organizations. In many areas of communication, such as framing and value recruitment, the non-for-profit sector (not individual communications pros) is only now starting to develop best practices and a clear, shared understanding.

Second, I am convinced that understanding and therefore listening is as important in consulting as advising and executing. To quote Soeren Kirkegaard “To be able to help someone, I must understand more than he does. But above all, understand what he understands”. I need to truly and fully understand your issue and your take on it to be able to help you to the extent you deserve. To, for example, properly develop your messaging I need to know what you are working on; which is why I limit myself to the fields I understand: Global Health. Development. Human Rights and Democratization. Climate Change

Third, I understand my role as that of a coach – and sometimes as of a sparring partner and resonance board. Yes, I do come in and fix your problem, but instead of arriving with pre-fabricated solutions and taking all my knowledge with me when the contract ends I strive to help you find your own solutions and build your capacity.

Fourth, I see myself as a manager of your different integrated advocacy communications (IAC) channels. In other words, while I am an expert in some fields (e.g. strategic communications) and not in others (e.g. advertising, design, SEO) I do know enough of the latter (and first and foremost understand YOU thoroughly) to guide you through the different options and help you ensure that all your activities will be aligned with your overall strategy and consistent with your brand, following the 'principle of integration'.

Fifth, I am a public relations person in the original sense of the word – building and managing relations with the public to promote goodwill – before the trade reduced itself to mere media relations. The news media is indeed still a relevant part of the PR mix (and so is social media), but my focus is on the public – i.e. your audience. Because of how this audience consumes (and creates and shares) media nowadays, in order to reach them I am ‘channel agnostic’, working with earned, shared, owned and paid media.

Finally, it has been said that PR is more than a set of tactics and tools. It’s a mindset. I believe that ideas coming from PR people are different than those from advertising people. Both are engaged in storytelling but the PR idea stimulates discussion and has the potential to play out over years. A PR idea has to start with relevance and newsworthiness. PR is about openness and real conversations with your stakeholders.

I cannot guarantee you results, but I promise you the best efforts and output possible.